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Celebrations for LOSAR
the beginning of the
Male Wood Horse Year of the 17th Rabjung Cycle

Tibetan Year: 2041 | Buddha Era: 2558 B.E. | Kalachakra Year 2071


Mahakala puja
The purpose of this practice, which is recited for 3 days, is to benefit living beings and the teachings, so Bernakchan (The Black Cloak Protector of the Kagyu lineage) consumes all that is negative, all adverse conditions, all who make obstacles for the Dharma and for those who practice a true path. Everything that is adverse, especially from the previous year, is eliminated.

Wednesday 26th February: 10 am   – 12pm;   3 – 5pm

Thursday 27th February:  10 am   – 12pm;   3 – 5pm

Friday 28th February:  10 am   – 12pm;  3 – 5pm

4 – 5pm Chi Lu
5 – 6pm Tsay Drub
7pm  Noodle Soup

Preparing & Decorating for Losar  Saturday 1st March:  
Cleaning, cooking, flower arranging, etc etc

Losar Day Sunday 2nd March:  

10 – 11.30am  Offering of Khatak’s to His Holiness
                           Mahakala  Blessing

Local Deities Day
Wednesday 5 th March:  10 – 11.30am  Sang puja
(an offering of food, cloth etc, burnt in a fire and offered in the form of smoke for the benefit of sentient beings and the fulfillment of their needs)
11:30 am:  Hanging New Prayer Flags to distribute prayers and blessings in all directions.

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